Candid Conversations about the Corporate World

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Thu, Apr 23, 2020, 6:00 PM (PDT)

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About this event

Our guest speakers are highly-skilled professional that will share their experience and advice on how to navigate the corporate world.

Our goal is to bring together people from the local community to give them inspiration about what lessons the speakers have learned from their corporate journeys. For example, talking about: the traits of having a vision, being determined and ambitious, creative and innovative, having people skills, networking, leveraging influence, and positioning, among others.


  • Luis Liang

    Luis Liang

    Twilio Inc.

    Account Executive, Social Impact - US West & Latin America

  • Aliya Janjua

    Aliya Janjua

    Advent Software

    Director, Client Services

  • Shannique Gibson

    Shannique Gibson


    Senior Consultant

  • Jorge Blanco

    Jorge Blanco


    Senior Software Engineer

  • Theresa Hall

    Theresa Hall


    Lead Solution Engineer

  • Amber Gonzales-Vargas

    Amber Gonzales-Vargas

    Latino Community Foundation

    Senior Program Manager

  • Team Members

  • Frances Coronel

    Frances Coronel


    Technology Director, Techqueria

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  • Jasmin Gonzalez

    Jasmin Gonzalez


    Marketing Lead

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  • Yoselin Gonzalez-Mendez

    Yoselin Gonzalez-Mendez

    First Graduate

    Chapter Director, SF Bay Area

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  • Maritza Alas

    Maritza Alas

    Age of Learning

    Chapter Director, LA

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  • Margarita Caraballo

    Margarita Caraballo


    Chapter Director, Atlanta

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  • Brian Trejo

    Brian Trejo

    The Home Depot

    Chapter Director, Atlanta

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  • Dulce Villarreal

    Dulce Villarreal


    Chapter Director, SF Bay Area

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  • Tonatiuh Ramos

    Tonatiuh Ramos

    Dreamers in Tech

    Dreamers in Tech

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  • Graciela Corral Hernandez

    Graciela Corral Hernandez

    Chapter Director, Seattle

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  • John Martinez

    John Martinez

    Chapter Director, SF Bay Area

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  • Brenda Hoyle

    Brenda Hoyle

    Stratera Technologies

    UXR Cafecito Host

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  • Jose Avalos

    Jose Avalos

    Primagen Media

    Houston chapter lead

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