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Google Interview Prep Class Facilitated by Outco

🌐 Virtual Events 🌐
Thu, Sep 10, 2020, 5:30 PM (PDT)

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About this event

Join the Google Interview Prep Class facilitated by Outco.io, the Career Accelerator for software engineers! Join this class to learn how to prepare and what to expect from each stage of the Google interview process. Included in this class are the types of questions for Google’s phone screen, coding challenge, and on-site interviews.

Founded in 2015 and based in San Francisco, California, Outco is a coaching and skill sharpening service for software engineers. Outco trains software developers on technical and behavioral skills that help accelerate their job search and advance their careers. Do you know any software engineers currently on the job hunt? Please have them apply to Outco here: https://www.outco.io/techqueria