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Wed, Jun 9, 4:00 PM (PDT)

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This week, we will be talking with Mica Alaníz and Will McCutcheon from the Democratic National Committee about:

Technology and Politics with DNC Engineers

Mica Alaniz is an Engineer Manager at the DNC, where she guides the teams that build tools to support Democratic candidates and their data needs, as well as grassroots organizing and voter empowerment efforts. In her spare time, she teaches workshops for under indexed individuals in tech on Git, Leadership in the Remote Workplace, Employee Rights in Tech and other topics. She is also a co-organizer for PromptConf Chicago, a Code2040 Fellows Program Coach, a keynote conference speaker and mentor to fellow people of color in technology. She is firmly convinced Chicago is the best city in the world.


  • Mica Alaniz

    Mica Alaniz

    Democratic National Committee

    Engineering Manager

  • Will McCutcheon

    Will McCutcheon

    Democratic National Committee

    DevOps Engineer

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  • Ana Medina

    Ana Medina


    Sr. Chaos Engineer

  • Carmen Sáenz

    Carmen Sáenz

    Apex Clearing

    Sr. DevOps Engineer

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  • Gerry Laracuente

    Gerry Laracuente


    Cloud Engineer

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  • John Martinez (he/him)

    John Martinez (he/him)

    Palo Alto Networks

    Director of Cloud R&D

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  • Joseph Sandoval

    Joseph Sandoval


    SRE Manager

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  • Roger Martinez

    Roger Martinez

    Google Cloud

    Developer Advocate

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    Jasmin Gonzalez


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    Yoselin Gonzalez-Mendez

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    Maritza Alas

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    Brian Trejo

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    Dulce Villarreal


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