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Techqueria is now on Bevy

New Event Platform

Techqueria wants to start off this year right, with the introduction of our brand new events platform hosted by Bevy.

Bevy builds community in real life & powers the global community events for brands like Duolingo, Atlassian, Twitch, Slack, & many others. Building an in-person community can be challenging & painful. Scaling requires a ton of manual work. Community tooling can be scattered and confusing.

By providing threaded data, deep permissions, & a unified brand experience, Bevy empowers the top organizations in the world to build, grow and scale their in-person communities.

All current members have already been added but you still need to register through the platform to create a profile and be able to subscribe to additional chapters.

Starting in February, we'll be using Bevy as the main registration platform for our events and limiting usage of Meetup, Eventbrite, etc as just marketing tools.

We hope this will improve the experience of event discovery as members will automatically be notified of upcoming events for their local chapter and all events across all chapters will be consolidated in one white-labeled platform.

Action Items

  1. Register an account with our new events platform using

  2. Subscribe to relevant chapters

  3. Share any feedback or bugs using #meta